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We are a premium PPC company in Delhi, India, providing excellent PPC services or PPC management services in Delhi, India.

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We are the best PPC company situated in Delhi, India & are a Google Partner in India that provides excellent PPC management services. Accounts or campaigns managed by us have the best CTRs, best CPC, best lead generation with the least possible expenses. Our team is a master in creating landing pages that generate maximum leads.


Reaching to the level of this excellence, was really a long journey which started in 2008 & during this journey we have learnt lot of legitimate techniques to boost the performance of any campaign. We mastered ourselves in creating websites that are perfect in terms of search engine, learnt creation of landing pages which could engage the users & mastered ourselves in the creation of type of text ads as well as display ads which could pull relevant traffic in least possible expenses.

Now, let's talk about PPC or you can say Google Adwords, because the maximum share of PPC market is captured by Google Adwords & very small chunk is left for Bing, Yahoo & other advertisers. Below is the complete guide for you to know all about PPC or Google Adwords.

Why you need PPC management services or why you should hire an experienced PPC management company?

PPC is as easy as holding a sword in the hands, but using sword on the battlefield against the enemies is a completely different thing, which comes with experience, dedication & practice.

With this, we never say that PPC is tough or just the selected few can run the PPC campaigns. It's just that it takes time to master anything and PPC is such a thing that need lots of dedication and time to master.

You may be master in your business as you are giving your soul & time to your business, but, can not dedicate enough or equal time to manage your PPC.

What makes the difference?

Hiring any PPC company or taking PPC management services from anyone & hiring the experienced PPC company is what makes the difference.

PPC company can make your text ads look professional adding a hint of branding to it. They know how to use all the features of Google Adwords to the fullest & even know when to & how to use which feature. They can add extreme value into your campaign favouring your clients resulting in jump in sales.

This has been accepted by Google Management even; what they said in the conference attended by us & other Google Partners in Delhi:

"We are amazed to see what kind of value Google Partners add to the campaign, that our executives are not able to add".

What can the PPC company deliver to any business?

An experienced PPC company can deliver you the following:

  • A PPC management company can save you thousands of rupees directly by better management & selection of keywords which you have never thought of
  • An experienced Google Partner gives you the best return on Investment (ROI)
  • It can provide feedback related to the landing pages & even can help in designing the perfect landing page. Effective landing page means, more engagement which ultimately results in more lead generation
  • It does competition analysis for you & make relevant changes to the landing pages & ads
  • It can optimize the CPC. For eg., suppose you are paying Rs. 95 for any competitive keyword to Google with an ad position between 2 to 3. With the help of experienced PPC agency, the price can come down to Rs. 40 - Rs. 55 with the ad position between 1-2. This is all ethical & as per the Google policies, but this can be achieved by the experience only
  • Medical ad campaigns are the toughest to maintain & only experienced PPC company can handle these kind of campaigns

As per our experience, most of the times, advertisers (it can be you or any PPC agency) are the only one who is responsible for the success or the failure of any campaign otherwise external factors are very limited which could influence the outcome.

What you should look before hiring any PPC company?

  • Since when any PPC company is into business
  • What kind of clients they are managing with their budget
  • Is a PPC agency a Google Partner or not. Having a Google Partner Badge is in itself a kind of accreditation & a kind of guarantee of the success. Yes, no doubt, there are the best performing partners & average partners as well, but one thing is sure that you are going to get the good services if not the best
  • What kind of average CTR they are able to manage. This is important because high CTR speaks a lot about any PPC company
  • Do their representative have enough understanding about the marketing. If they do, then your campaign will be a success & if they don't, then you can expect a limited response from your ad campaign
  • How creative they are. Creativity in Adwords? Yes! Creativity alone can make any campaign a success.

What we do?

What Leads Expert Deliver & How We Are Different?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has emerged enormously over the last few years. With a dramatic increase in the use of search engines in our routine lives, enterprises and brands have realized that marketing their goods and services on search engines will be one of the most optimal, reliable and tactical means of identifying new clients, retaining existing consumer base, grabbing repeat customers and expanding market share.

At, Leads Expert, we are on the cutting edge for digital marketing, pay-per-click, search engine optimization, search engine management and conversion rate optimization practices. Leads Expert provides premium PPC management services or PPC services in Delhi, India and is a Google Partner with an experience of 8 years. Our PPC advertising and management packages are not the regular ones, in a way, before we set up an advertisement campaign for any advertiser, we do our homework, research and competition analysis. Our packages are formulated specifically to surge up the brand's online profiles and facilitate them make their brands identifiable, distinguishable and influential in their respective industries.

Leads Expert's efforts in paid search felicitates its other internet marketing services such as Display Marketing, Remarketing, Organic Ranking, Link Building, Corporate Reputation Building and Management, Leads Generation, On Page Optimization, Social Media optimization, Content Writing, Content Marketing as well.

Paid advertisements are the fastest way to drive potential buyers to your website. Within some minutes of setting up a pay-per-click campaign with Leads Expert Digital Marketing Solutions, your ads start to show on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo and/or we can also build your campaign to operate on affiliate networks so images, texts or banner displays on official sites such as the Wall Street Journal. Our PPC and Ongoing optimization management services are flexible and output driven with proven results.

Our expert technical team is committed to ensure you get the best results for your Money. We have proven result driven techniques that go beyond and above the basic Cost per Click Management services. With 8 years of experience, we have managed to cultivate an ideal scientific combination of determining keywords that will reach the maximum numbers of target market at the significantly lowest cost for you.

We do not do "set it and forget it"

Leads Expert offers not only the complete PPC program development and management, but re-examine and facelift your existing pay-per-click campaign as well optimization services, so you are fully able to exploit the opportunity rendered by PPC advertising to appear on relevant partner websites and be amongst top positions on search engines.

There is a science to identify high numbers of low volume keywords (very definite long tail keywords) that are very cost-effective to market on but still offer significant ROI. These can be used to safeguard against the more costly high volume keywords, substantially decreasing the average Cost-Per-Click (CPC) throughout your whole campaign.

Whether you look for day-to-day management, a fresh set of peepers on a campaign, or a whole restructure for your internal team to manage, Leads Expert can help:

What we offer?

Available PPC management services

PPC Strategy
PPC Strategy

To customize or re-build a PPC campaign that is suitable for your brand needs and long-term objectives. With details about your business, brand, industry, competitors and Unique Selling Proposition (USP's), goals, etc. We work accordingly & develop a paid advertising plan that is going to deliver the results you aspired. Read more about "Achieving Target with PPC/Adwords"


We will function to implement the plan of action by structuring out your existing ad campaigns, or creating accounts at new networks. It is crucial to us that you own the accounts.


We make sure you are hitting the most accurate keywords and not wasting money, efforts and time. We use media-savvy strategies confirming you cover the complete search landscape while abstaining away from the spots which are not appropriate for your business. Read more about Keyword Selection.

Ad copy Writing
Ad copy Writing

We make certain that your adverts are firmly focused to the landing pages as well as the ad group's keywords on your website; with a powerful call to action and persistent testing, we can rest assured that you are grabbing the well qualified leads at the minimal cost you could pay.

Ad Extensions
Ad Extensions

Ad extensions have taken place of an essential element of the Pay-Per-Click arsenal. An ad extension converts your ad text and provides you the fortunate chance to stand out from the crowd, over your competitors. If you are not employing ad extensions in current bid landscape, then you are losing on a trick.

Shopping Ads
Shopping Ads

Leads Expert helps you establish, optimize and manage your product listing ads and shopping advertisement campaigns to boost your inventory. Our years of experience allow us to confirm the appropriate product displays for the right keywords.


Without the appropriate data, optimizing a Pay-Per-Click campaign would just be hitting an arrow in the dark, so one of the very primary tasks we do is to ensure the tracking is established properly, providing us all the data we require to optimize the accounts heading further.

PPC Optimisation
PPC Optimisation

Ongoing optimization will persistently improve and concentrate the paid search ads campaign to drive over the performance boundaries. Attention to detail is the most essential; A little greater, Click Through Rate (CTR) in the Ad group, a little lower Cost Per Click on the keyword – it all sum up to make a huge difference.


We develop a report which gives a meaningful insight into what is going around with your PPC campaign. What we have been operating on, what we have observed your brand competitors are doing and how your PPC is doing against the key metrics you are most keen for.

Managing Your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
Managing Your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Once your new campaign is developed, you will be required to regulate them regularly to ensure the efficacy is ongoing. In fact, being continuously active on account is one of the best forecasters of account or campaign success. We keep check & make the following modifications to optimize your campaigns on regular basis:

  • Add PPC Keywords: Accelerate and widen the accessibility of your pay-per-click campaigns by adding keywords that are significant to your business.
  • Add Negative Keywords: Add non-converting words as negative keywords to enhance the relevance of the PPC campaign and minimize the wastage or spending in excess.
  • Divide Ad Groups: Maximize Quality Score along with click-through rate (CTR) by breaking off your ad groups into smaller, more appropriate ad groups, which allows developing more targeted ad texts, images and landing pages.
  • Examine Expensive PPC Keywords: Examine costly, under-performing keywords and call them off if required.
  • Refine Landing Pages: Make necessary changes in the content and calls-to-action (CTAs) of your landing pages to orient with independently specific search queries with a view to encourage conversion rates. Make sure not to direct all your traffic to the same page.

Why you should choose Leads Expert for managing your Pay per click account:

  • We are Google certified Adwords digital marketing agency specialist which means that we are certified & have a badge of excellence to run PPC campaigns on Google.
  • We have over 8 years experience in developing and managing Pay per click accounts, keep up with cutting edge techniques and upgrade with the latest trends.
  • We provide your business the moment to spend for top positions on search engines, social media sites, networks and partner websites.
  • Our PPC management team renders the perfect PPC advertisements you require, whether you require a campaign developed from the start or an overhaul of your existing campaigns.
  • Our pricing is highly economical and competitively lower for similar services.
  • We can organize your Organic SEO as well.
  • We have ameliorated our own ROI along with our other clients and we could implement the same techniques to improve your business ROI.
  • You are saved from long term contracts. We are truly confident about our services that is why we work on a month-to-month basis.

What Is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a successfully booming online advertising facility/ search engine marketing program, developed by the Google, by which advertisers or businesses get an ideal platform of conveying information about their offerings to as many people as possible while keeping the advertising costs to a minimum.

Google AdWords is a simple, effective and most profitable way to reach prospective and target customers already searching the Internet for information about certain products and services a company is offering. It is easy procedures to create your own ads, selecting keywords (with the help of Google Keyword Planner) that enable Google match the ads to your audience. The business or YOU only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Best of all, your ads could appear alongside/above search results on and could appear on sites in the Google Network.

AdWords is presently the Internet's pre-eminent provider of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Through the Google® search and content networks, AdWords ads reach as much as 80 percent of all Internet users globally. Pay per click (PPC) advertising may be one of the easiest ways to generate traffic to your website and score some decent profits from your ads campaign.

The key to successful search engine advertising is to find a viable method of putting across your brand details, motives and consumer offerings to masses while keeping your marketing/advertising costs to a minimum. Pay per click (PPC) form of Google AdWords advertising may be one of the effective ways to generate huge traffic to your website and score some extravagant profits from your ad campaign, partly because of Google's popularity, and partly because it enables you to regulate your expenses by establishing daily maximums for each ad


Google introduced AdWords with 350 advertisers in the year 2000. In the beginning, AdWords marketer/advertisers used to pay monthly for the service, and Google would establish and manage their ads campaign. To provide acceptance and visibility to small businesses and those who wanted to control their own campaigns, Google soon launched the AdWords self-service portal. In year 2005, Google initiated a campaign organization service called Jumpstart. And later in the same year, Google introduced the Google Advertising Professional (GAP) Program to authorize companies and individuals who accomplished AdWords training and cleared the exam.

In 2008, Google introduced the Google Online Marketing Challenge, an in-classroom academic practice session for tertiary students. More than 8,000 students from 47 countries took part in the challenge in year 2008, and above 10,000 students from 58 countries participated in 2009, more than 12,000 students took part in 2010, and around 15,000 students from 70 countries participated in 2011. The Google Online Marketing Challenge runs yearly, approximately from January to June.

In April 2013, Google declared publicly schemes to add improved campaigns for AdWords to cooperate with campaign management served to multiple-device users. The extended campaigns were defined as targeting to engage advanced reports about users. This move however ran to be disputable among advertisers.

In July 2016, Google revealed "Showcase Shopping" ads. With this ad concept, retailers can select to have a sequence of images displaying in search results associated to different keywords and search queries.

Presently, above 1 million advertisers from all across the world generate tens of billions in revenue for their respective business.

Why is it so successful?

So, most of you must be wondering about "The Effectiveness of Google Ads", "Why to use AdWords" and does "Google Adwords really work"?

There are a lot of business owners and marketers out there who are using Google AdWords and its tremendously powerful pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system – that is known to work for almost any kind of business. Implementing AdWords (or any PPC platform) in a most productive way needs time, strategic skills and some money, but businesses have found that it is enormously worth the time and money, because AdWords yields substantial ROI (Return on Investment).

The success of Google Adwords certainly lies in its capability to offer business, consumers and search engine operators' with handful of benefits of different aspects. Here are the many reason as to why is it so successful and also why your business should use AdWords

1. Scalability of Google AdWords

One of the most challenging tasks for any marketer is identifying lead sources that scale – meaning, it does not need 10 times the effort to obtain 10 times the leads. Google AdWords is extremely scalable, which is why some companies do not even mind spending millions of dollars annually on AdWords advertising. If a business makes an AdWords campaign that is converting lucratively money-making, there is no reason that its success is not justified. As you increase your AdWords campaign budget, your leads and profits will increase simultaneously. This makes Google AdWords extremely effective for businesses that require a lot of leads but are short on heads and hours.

2. Measurability of Google AdWords

In comparison to classical marketing channels such as TV, Radio, Newspapers and magazine advertising, pamphlets or electric billboards, online marketing is highly quantifiable, and AdWords is one of the most quantifiable of online marketing channels. It is quite tricky to make exact measurements in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because you cannot always predict what actions result to increased or decreased rankings. Then there is an entire "not offered" cock-up. Social media can be critically difficult to measure. However, in comparison, Google AdWords is more translucent, offering heaps of PPC metrics that enables to watch out for at a granularity level what works and what does not. You can with all the speed find out if your campaigns are sinking or returning ROI.

3. Flexiblity and Feasibility of Google AdWords

AdWords offers lots of options so you can customize your campaigns and ads to your personal needs, hyper-targeting the audiences you most want to reach. For instance, with AdWords you can:

  • Describe keyword match types- You can, for example, only show your ad to internet users who search for an exact keyword you have described, like "luxury sedan cars in India" – filtering out traffic on ordinary terms associated top Luxury cars or luxury sedans in India . (Search Engine Optimization, on the contrary, is hankering; you cannot explain or justify what you rank for, you can only expect for the good. Read more...
  • Use Ad extensions- Its unique feature to allow displaying product images, a contact number, a bumper-pack of links to your website, your physical location using ad extensions – you can even begin a chat or receive an email address straight from the SERP.
  • Narrow your audience- by demographics including location, time of the day, browser, gadget or device type, language, and more. A significant section of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) traffic may be useless to you (for instance, if you only require UK-based leads, and more of less than half your web traffic comes from Canada, US), but with the AdWords, you do not need to display your ads across the globe and this is one major reason that makes Google AdWords so demanding and successful in world of digital internet marketing.
  • Access a tremulous network of non-search users– AdWords facilitate to have easy access to platforms like YouTube, Yahoo, Gmail and plenty of partner sites.
  • Leverage the display network- This attribute by Adwords is perfect for creating immense brand awareness and often transforms at a minimal cost than Google Search.

4. Quick in driving desirable result

For new websites and brands, it can take several months to notice results from Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This comprehended "punishment" used to be termed as the Google sandbox impact- users perceived Google was deliberately filtering newly developed websites out of the results. Most possibly the bigger issue is that competition is aggressive and it takes great time for a site to prove itself and achieve links, authority and networks.

On the other hand, Google AdWords is an enormous workaround for new websites and businesses because they do not have to be longing for months long and are patient around to notice results. While working on your website's Search Engine Optimization, you can volunteer resources into an AdWords marketing campaign and begin earning clicks and impressions instantly. Because it is immensely fast paced, it has also become a an excellent method to test whether a given keyword or audience is good pursing through organic search – if it transforms well in AdWords, you can conclude that it is worth attempting to rank for in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and create your own content in that area.

As an additional reward, you can more often get started on AdWords quite economically– Google time and again offers vouchers (usually free Pay-Per-Click budget) for new marketers.

5. Delivering promising leads and how easy it is than SEO

Now that the ads campaigns are developed and in place, it takes minimal effort for maintenance unlike the SEO efforts. Not only is our extremely monster of a site very back-breaking to keep up to date that aggravates many, but to be able to increase organic traffic, it requires a team of 3-5 consistently stirring up the SEO content, operating on optimization and building links. It is fun, relief, satisfying, and motivating when it works accordingly– but it is also a consolation to know that we can rely on plagues or PPC campaigns to generate leads without all the rings to jump across.

AdWords is even more likely to be easily learnt because there is not as much discrepancy in details out there. If you are not a part of the industry, it can be difficult as a marketer to figure out which sources are genuine and which is just selling ill famous fish oil. On the contrary, there is not an entire industry structured around "fluttering" AdWords.

6. AdWords is taking Over the Search engine results page (SERPs)

AdWords is Google's major money maker – it accounts for approximately 96% of their revenues and over time the SERP has modified in order to offer maximized above-the-fold space to ads rather than organic results. This can be annoying both for SEOs and users. But if you involve in the PPC, it is not all lousy! It's a good chance for you to bring your message high up on the SERP in a largely clickable way and it is no more a fork lore that barely people click on AdWords.

7. AdWords extensions and Formats Emerging to Be More Engaging than Organic Results

Google has flashed about tons of new ad formats in the past few years, such as in-video ads on YouTube and product listing ads. Know that YouTube has several billion views a day, which is 2 times higher than Yahoo, Bing.

Google is inspired to do this because gleaming, more engaging ads earn more clicks and that certainly indicates more revenue for Google. But more and more clicks are super-pleasant for the advertiser too, so taking advantage of these new ad extensions and formats of Google, advertisers, searchers are all enjoying, benefitting from Adwords time and again, and thus making it a HIT. Organic listings, on the other end, seem to be quite monotonous in comparison.

8. Traffic Conversion Better than Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is anytime great; we do not stab it out! But there are strong demonstrations that paid ads campaigns and search advertising concerts better than organic traffic – with conversion rates up to 2X higher. Conversion rates, of course, differ by industry, and are all ears, this may not hold true for your specific business, but you won't really get to know until you try.) This could likely be due to a reason that paid search traffic is more targeted and potential, and that inquiries that lead in ad clicks are much more possibly to be commercial in nature, rather than tutorial.

9. AdWords Complements Your Other Marketing Channels

AdWords works as a supplement to your other marketing efforts. Remarketing is a particularly powerful tactic to use AdWords to target masses who have exhibited an interest in your brand. With AdWords remarketing, you can even track previous site visitors on your page with a cookie (these searchers may have found you via social media, click on a product page being forwarded via e-mail, your blog etc.). Your displayed ads will next in line "follow" them around the Internet, in order to put your brand on top of mind.

Advertisers are made enabled to even display them the exact good and services that they searched for. With cart abandonment emails, retargeted ads have a relatively super high ROI than other marketing channels, which is another point that adds to AdWords growing acceptance amongst advertisers and searchers too.

10. Your Competitors Are Using AdWords

Alas! The rivalry pressure: The traditional saying "When everyone else is doing it, must be some good, so why not you try it too?" It does not work for hopping from a hilltop, but it is compelling when it comes to search engine marketing. A recent report shown that global paid search advertising spending has heightened by 33% in the 3rd quarter of 2012, and more year over year. As per a report by NetElixer, which noticed at the stats from 38 big U.S. retailers and 120 million search ad impressions, "revenue driven by paid search on Black Friday increases monumental 31% year-over-year as marketers subjected to an investment of 21% more in keyword advertising than they did in the previous year." Do a few searches on keywords you are concerned about. Your competitors are more possibly there in the sponsored results at the top of the Search Engine Results Page. Can you sustain not to be?


  • Google AdWords can help to grow Your Business Online
  • Can Increase exposure of the business
  • Increase online purchase
  • Get customers through the doors
  • Customer on Call
  • Can Grow App subscribers by promoting app on Google

So, Google AdWords is all about creating business and this means – generating potential leads for the business, converting the leads into actual customers, more customers means more sales and more sales means more revenue and increased revenue suggests better profits and with increased capital a business is able to build a sturdy goodwill in the market. AdWords allows selling more products online. You can drive more online traffic to your website. While the anticipation of capitalizing money on Adwords might seem like an awful task, the results that come in are almost immediate and transparent. This is why it is worth every cent that advertisers spend on it

1. Increase brand awareness

Google AdWords, in extension to encouraging site traffic, conversions, and clicks, is also an optimal strategy let people know about your brand. To test this, Google partnered with Ipsos to conduct a tutorial through 12 verticals, right from apparels to automobiles to travel to F&B to telecom to financial, IT, education to health care to retail. It was ascertained that search ads boosts top-of-mind awareness by an average of 6.6%.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, your site rank is also dependant on the number of your brand name searches and its. That is another big reason you should object to increase brand awareness via display ads as well as search.

2. Cost Effective

One of Google AdWords' most tempting and foremost likeable advantages to advertisers is that it is immensely economical. An advertiser is only liable to pay when someone clicks on the ad (i.e. you PPC) and you recognize exactly how much you wish to spend. You can fix your budget from any minimum to maximum amount as the options are limitless. More importantly, if you are functioning with expert professionals, the performance of your ads campaign will be optimized in a way where your cost per click will steadily decline over time. This suggests, you will be able to notice an increase in site traffic without raising your costs!

3. Highly Targeted

As an online marketer/advertiser, avant-grade targeting tools are crucial to maximize ROI with search marketing campaigns. Google AdWords' targeting potentials are pretty suave and facilitates advertisers multiple marketing channels in which to revamp and systemize their campaign, including:

  • Mobile Targeting: Systematically and Demographically Improved ads campaigns provide advertisers to target mobile device users. This is particularly meaningful because the mobile consumption of mobile search queries and data are expanding rampantly each year. At the same time, the devices are also progressing rapidly with an exponentially increasing catalogue of capabilities so diversified; mobile targeting with AdWords offers new opportunities to target the trustful audience at the correct time. This is again specifically substantial for advertisers who want to tailor-made their ad text or extensions to attract the attention of customers when they are searching for or viewing the ad on a mobile device.
  • Location Targeting: Google AdWords enables advertisers to aim at particular geographic locations. For every ad campaign, you can choose locations where your ad can be displayed. You can select ad display locations such as whole of countries, specific states or regions within a country, territories, cities, or even a circumference around a location. More essentially, Google AdWords grant you the power to target people viewing pages or searching for about your targeted location, even in case they are not physically situated in your target location.
  • Auto-Tagging: Tagging destination URLs for data tracking has to be manually implemented with other marketers; although this procedure is automatic with AdWords.
  • Language Targeting: AdWords possess options for over 40 languages for campaign targeting.
  • Time Targeting: AdWords provides marketers to choose specific hours during the day for effective targeting.

4. Advertisers can Reconnect with visitors of website

One of the awesome advantages of Google AdWords is reconnecting with your website visitors. Take an elaboration on this:

You may have window shoppers on your site. These are the searchers who have visited various or all the pages of your website but have not taken any ultimate decision. In such a scenario, how do you remind them of you and what action you could take for them? Work in with Display Remarketing and Remarketing List for search AdWords (RLSA) campaigns.

a) Remarketing on display network:
This is greatly useful for advertisers to target website visitors on various internet marketing-supported sites using banner images. Let's say you operate in branded sports apparel business and a visitor is looking for running sports shoes. But due to any reason, the site visitor decides to leave without buying. You can just make a remarketing list like the animated images, video, static images, responsive ads, and text ads, or promotional product message on Google display to target them.

Same as the remarketing lists, you can make a suppression lists as well. These suppression lists make sure that you target new leads and keep the existing customers, unrelated, and hence unprofitable audiences away in order to reach only the specific audiences with your ads.

b) Remarketing on search network:
RLSA, as the name suggests, it operates remarketing campaigns on the search network, similarly to those like display remarketing. Furthermore, the marketer requires adding keywords in this campaign. By this way, Google ads can meet the visitor's search query with the remarketing list and added keyword. This will allow Google to display exact ads for each search query.

Since users in the past have already visited your website, there are more possibilities of converting them to leads when they look your remarketing ads also.

The Edfa3ly example:
Have you ever planned of running remarketing on both networks at the same time? If yes, then take some tips from Cairo-based Edfa3ly. It is an online shopping firm which runs remarketing on both networks simultaneously and managed to lift up their revenue by 85%.

5. Reach out to more customers through their Gmail Inbox

One of the largely practiced promotional and marketing strategies in every business is e-mail marketing, which is why the Gmail ads can be superbly useful too. In September 2015, Google integrated native Gmail ads with Google AdWords and made it accessible to all marketers, which indicates that you can reach more potential prospects via their Gmail inbox.

Generally, Gmail ads display on the promotion tab, but every so often you can see them appearing on the social tab too. These ads run on both mobiles devices and desktops. Since Gmail ads are usually cost-effective in comparison to search ads, if you have a lower budget, then you can go Gmail ads as well. Both Mobile Gmail ads and Desktop Gmail ad runs and functions effectively in integration with Google AdWords.

Many brands are still not very well equipped about how advantageous Gmail ads can be. But there are few Digital marketing agencies that understand its power like the one we know is Leads Expert, a digital marketing firm based in New Delhi. They develop a lead generation tactic using Gmail ads, and produced effective results.

6. Measure your performance consistently

This performance testing and verification attribute of Google AdWords is distinct from that of traditional advertising mediums of Newspapers, T.V advertisements, or pamphlets distribution. It is quite a daunting task to quantify the results of traditional advertisements like cable television, radio, newspapers, outdoor billboards, broadcast television, brochures etc. Also, they are relatively much more costly than Google AdWords. You cannot command over your own budget and then spend. Furthermore, marketing with traditional advertising ways would not help to know the source of the leads coming up from these media, excepting that your customer picks to confess it, which possibly is not going to take happen. As an outcome, it would be very complex to measure ROI from traditional media.

But, Google AdWords, on the contrary, would aware you exactly what happened with the campaign and its results too. You would know:

  • Searchers who clicked on your ad
  • Number of leads that have been generated?
  • Of those how many are the qualified leads
  • The amount of traffic you have driven to your website from AdWords.
  • Which keyword produced the most leads and traffic
  • The cost you incurred per lead.

This would help advertisers know what worked and what didn't for their business. Using this information, you can then fine-tune your ad campaigns until you obtain effective results.

7. Helps Beat Your Competitors

Because of the fast speed of AdWords, when compared to SEO, advertisers have a huge benefit over competitors. Because you will already be displaying in search engines, your website will be earning more clicks from SERP than all of the other brands in your industry.

But, what if your competitors are also using AdWords? That's not an excuse though.

80% of search results now consist of AdWords ad placements. In addition, those ad placements are carpetting as much as 85% of the real estate above the fold on the results page. This not only suggests that Google is making massive money, profits, it literally indicates that more and more businesses are using AdWords. So, the only way to knock out them is to join them.

8. Tackle your competition better

Secondly, when internet users search for anything specific related to your goods/services online, and you are not running ads, whereas your competitors are, then that may means misfortune for you. You will lose a major portion of your business almost before you know it.

You need to keep an eye on your competitors to keep into account of how they are flourishing their business, exploiting the technologically advanced digital internet marketing means, what kinds of ads they run, and others etc. The very transparent mechanism of Google AdWords helps you do all this. Catch hold of the opportunities that come across your journey and make yourself stand out from competition.

Now you know that it is beneficial to run Google ads, but how it makes sense to your business, that you must know. So let's have a look

Bonus: Google AdWords are most useful to whom?
You should not begin using Google AdWords only because you found someone making success with it. You first need to figure it out even if it makes senses for your business, and if it does, what kinds of ads would do best for you.

Google AdWords would be the key to progress for your business only if you match these criteria:

  • Is your majority of audience online?
  • Are the keywords associates to your brand or business being searched online? – You can seek help of a Google's Keyword Planner to research this. However, another option to consider would be of bidding on keywords when the minimum search volume is above 500 per month, and this search volume depicts an upward trend.
  • Are online bloggers, tutorials or content magazines publishing articles linked to your product, service or industry?
  • Search online for your keyword to verify if Google pops relevant answers.
  • Are your business competitors investing online in paid or unpaid campaigns/channels?
  • Use keyword tools like Keyword Tool, AdWords Keyword planner, MOZ, WordStream and more to measure the traffic and bid for your keyword. These tools would also refer you to other related keywords which would enable you experiment more.

9. Explore more using your ads

As know, it is a digital world and there are things in abundance to explore when you link your Google Analytics account with your Google AdWords account. Google AdWords is a coolest platform but it won't allow you to be known of what searchers do after clicking the ads. But, Google analytics would help you know,

  • For How much time the visitor stayed on a page
  • How many pages of the site have been visited
  • Information and all demographics about the new visitors and repeating visitors and much more.
  • Bounce rate of your landing page

By connecting them together, advertisers will have a sufficiently more data in hand. You can even measure the wholesome performance of the Google ads. The non-performing keywords/ ads/campaigns can be put on pause and try several other variations to enhance your results. This collected data would also support the advertisers in developing more contents, write-ups, articles/posts, and blogs using keywords that performed optimally for the business. You can also rank better for organic search using those keywords.

Taking a classic example of a hotel chain to make you understand better:-

The Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts

The Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts is a leading group of chain of luxury hotels across the world. They fail to realize ‘what took place after visitors clicked on the ad'. They also seek to know ‘how the attitude of paid visitors varies from that of organic visitors'. Therefore, Barbara Pezzi, Director of Analytics at the The Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts group used Google Analytics segment feature and fine-tuned their Google Search ads.

10. Businesses Can Control Advertising Costs

This is something that's really spectacular about Google AdWords. Advertisers can fix a maximum cost per day for their campaign. This certainly enables the advertisers for preparing a pre-planned budget for ads campaign accordingly without agonizing if going to go over budget. The worst cum worst situation is that the amount of ads will start to depreciate as the budget gets decreased. However, an advertiser can increase budget accordingly. Its scalability is a great option if you desire for a lot of leads in a short period of time.

Since advertisers may have many campaigns running on a daily basis, which advertisers can even divide the campaign into 3 different target areas:

  • Google search
  • Mobile search
  • Display network (Remarketing be a good option)

But, if you are new to the world of paid search AdWords campaigning and are curious about how a how much to set your AdWords budget at, check out with an expert AdWords expert or authorize agency to help you in the matter, as they are specialized in providing a nifty like mathematical formula for you to utilize to your best needs.

No traditional advertising medium like Newspapers, Television ads or radio broadcasting offer such budget planning and cost controlling attribute which calls out for more and more advertisers to gamble with AdWords.

What are the different types of Google Adwords?

Types of Ad formats

When Adwords was introduced in 2000, there were only text ads on the side and top of the Google's search results. While the earlier text ads format is still available, but there are now various different kinds of ads formats available for businesses of all kinds and sizes. Look here into a brief introduction to the different options Google adwords offer.

Text Ads – The ads shown on the Google Display Network provides you the accessibility to the vast arena of text inventory available. Text ads are the ads you look on blogs, in Gmail, and many other sites.

Image Ads- These are the big picture or graphic ads running through the bottom, top, or side of a webpage. These are ever present on forums, news sites, e-commerce sites, blogs, e-tutorials and all across the web. People also know it in the name of "banner ads."

Search ads are the ads that display at the top or along the sides of the Google search results page depending upon on your search query. These text ads can also appear in Google Maps, Google Shopping, or when anyone searches on your keywords.

Search ads can also be shown on other search websites that holds any amount of part of the Search Network. Other search sites have collaborated with Google to display AdWords ads, like AOL. So your ads might appear above or alongside search results on other significant search pages.

There are different mediums to target these ads based on keywords (what users are looking for), such as device, location, time of day, age group and so on. There are also a range of ad extensions that can include site-links, reviews, phone calls, locations, and more.

Product Listing Ads (PLAs) - are an ad format that includes title, business name, image, price etc. There requires being a data stored in place to a Google Merchant Center account, which is then linked to Adwords. PLAs are generally used for e-commerce websites, but there too are choices for "available near me" which merges a provincial store's inventory and the location of the individual wanting for that product.

Display Ads

Most of us must be aware of the banner ads on blogs, news sites and forums, but do you have any clue that majority of the banner ads you look are a part of Google Adwords. And they are not only the banner ads, but rich media and text ads too. Ads on the Google Display Network have the capability of reaching out to people around all forms of content on above 2 million sites—from small niche blogs to sites with millions of daily views.

Rich Media Ads- It enables internet users all around to communicate with a video or an image. Communications in these ads have a wide array from fluttering the mouse pointer over an ad to playing a video, to stretching the unit, or tapping for content.

One awesome feature of the Display Network provides is remarketing. Remarketing displays ads to people who have earlier visited the advertiser's website before. When a visitor leave your site page without making any purchase, remarketing allows you to reconnect with them by displaying relevant ads as they use mobile apps, browse the web, or as they normally search on Google. Remarketing ads campaigns can be immensely successful at boosting sales activity, promoting brand awareness, creating brand and business goodwill or increasing registrations.


YouTube adwords campaigning are ads that appear on Google's video-sharing site and are thus practically regarded as a part of the display network, but there are various forms of advertising options and many different ad formats, number of targeting within YouTube.

Since Google possesses ownership of YouTube, advertising/marketing has originated as almost as customizable and easy as advertising on AdWords. YouTube ads can appear as in-video overlay ads, banner ads, in-stream video ads, (that are video ads that appear prior or during another YouTube video), as well as some other setups. As with all other types of AdWords advertising, YouTube ads can also be targeted to particular geographic locations. They can even be targeted to specific video topics.


Google Adwords can make a significant difference for online businesses. It does take time and effort however. An Adwords campaign can be very successful when one puts in the time and effort to structure the Adwords account. However, when a limited amount of time is put in, it can result in a counterproductive result. Businesses can actually lose money when their advertising is not directing the audience to the thing they are looking for.

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