Search Engine Success Factor & Content

Content & search engine success factor

Content was never, is, or ever will be the emperor to make anyone rule over internet, UNLESS it is quality and engaging. Content is undoubtedly precious and of prime importance, but writing anything would just not work, so my friends do not ever be convinced by the saying- "Content is a King", but "QUALITY CONTENT is the KING"

A true aspect of identifying success with a website’s ranking by way of search engines understands what content writing strategies are workable and which should be ignored. Once you have a clear insight into those strategies, you can make your site go from virtually unknown to something to count for with in a comparatively short period of time.

Get your content right, and you have established a sound foundation to boost the chances of success of your website by all of your other SEO efforts.

Here are some things you can do.

Creative, Quality and Engaging Content

Well! Do you want the readers to come back regularly to your site, pay off for your efforts by spending more time on your page? Think over if you have given them a REAL reason to keep coming and appreciate your web pages? If you are selling sometime, do you go beyond the templates, tagging alluring services or keep highlighting what already exists on various other sites.

If NO, then set your foot IN to offer a real value, substance to visitors which is distinctive, creative, informative and meaningful that users won’t find anywhere else.

Part of quality content must fulfill these criteria,

1. Enhancing the quality of content
2. Uniqueness in content to excel over others and boost your search engine marketing efforts

How can you improve?

If wondering how you can boost the usefulness of your content, then take a deep dig into your target audiences and carve out the queries that they are really striving hard with and duly answering those queries directly with your content is a way to GO. So, make a captivating content, because, better quality means better results...

Fresh and Relevant Content

Like users, Google too loves fresh content. The content must be so that it is not repeated or seen on hundreds of site. Additionally, even a well-written content that does not answer the questions or solve the problems of users is of NO use. And, if your copy makes to move users from one stage to other, then it accomplishes their needs.

Forgetting and forgiving people are good. But you forgiving your website will make it easy for users and search engine to forget you for forever. Your duty do not end making a website, keep updating it with quality write-ups, downloads, and add new web pages, images. The frequently you update your website, the more often a search engine will visit your website.

The best way to create fresh content is to first analyze which topic your audience is interested in so that you can better entice them with relevant content. Be sure you have a sound plan of your target market, including pain points and driving force to outrank the competition.

Yes, your website can enjoy benefit of this freshness boost by delivering relevant content that conforms to real-time pulse of your industry.

Content to Educate, not to Sell

Right now, internet is flooded with contents, descriptions, brochures. In order to beat the online competition, the need is to deliver substantial content and not only promoting huge content base like other business. This is the time where customers are no longer attracted to just a heroic sales pitch and average content, they don’t even care about.

Unique and Relevant content drives more visitors to your site who actually want to engage with your brand. And it also adds to more revenue. So, focus first on educating and then sell...

Ca: Direct answers

Search engines are more and more showing direct answers within their search results. Like when you enter Questions like "who is the CEO of Snapchat? Or home remedies for hair fall, you get direct answer without needing to click to a web page.

There is an argument circulating over whether having your content being used as a direct answer is a PLUS or not. After all, if users gets the viewable answer they are looking for, they might not click, and what is the success in that?

However, the success of direct answers is being established on 2 main reasons. First, it is an indicator of reliability. Second, there have been proofs that being a direct answer can also produce traffic.

Cv: Vertical search

Google runs specialized search engines that concentrate on news, images, videos or local content. These are known as vertical search engines because instead of covering a wide array of interests, they are centered towards on single segment, a vertical slice of the overall interest range. If you have content in these spectrums, it is more likely to show up within special sections of the search results page.

Google: Images
Google: News
Google: Maps and local
Google: YouTube and Video
Google: Shopping

Having content that performs effectively in vertical search can help having a web page make the top results. It can even make help you to succeed when your web page content doesn’t. So, producing content in key vertical sections relevant to you is a great success factor too.

Search engine Optimized Content

So, first thing first, "Google ranks the choice authority sites". For them to find your site as one, you must create a fair amount of meaningful and inviting content about your core topic. It means all contents you produce should be in correspondence to your topic so that Google easily recognize the topic you have authority in. Eventually, your web pages will rank higher as your site’s authority rise. And, for you to build a good website authority, you are required to create content optimized for Search.

Imagining that, all your vital SEO efforts starts after producing quality content, let’s take a look at the easy-peasy 4-step insight to produce a Search optimized content:

  1. Identify the keywords you want your webpage to rank for
  2. Use keywords density reasonably in the content, don’t overdo it
  3. Optimize your title
  4. Link the page to other important pages in your website

Proper Keyword Focus

This is other factor that covers success for web page content in search engines. There is a big debate in the digital world over such a thing as using the incorrect keywords to get better website ranking. Some say you can use keywords that are not most often searched for, specific words, or words that are vague for the viewers you need to focus on. While others have a point that using keywords with specific words or most searched keywords get webpage ranking.

However, we believe that it would be better to use a tactic of keeping yourself in your target audience’s place, imagine being in their shoes and then learn what your customers would be searching for?

Social Media

Social media is one such platform that can help a website become well understood and create a solid online presence if made like a masterpiece, user-centric, visual and unleash it with the dignity of the industry maven and the expertise of a market leader. Uploading things on your social media feeds in a week, twice a month, then nothing for some months, then a few times after some months will not have the positively same impact as someone ready to spend 15 minutes a day. The more active and consistent you are on social media, the more prominent you become are in the minds of those following your feeds.

Effective Headers

One activist that poor SEO strategies used to do was spam a website with tons of H1 headers that were loaded with keywords. This depicted both bad keyword filling and inappropriate use of headers, which can bring down your website ranking. Using H1, H2, H3, etc. headers with keywords where relevant and as needed allows users find the information they want easily quickly in no time.

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