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Powerful Keyword Targeting & On-Page SEO- Speak, what Search Engines want you to


A website is a digital reflection of an individual(s) and their work. Optimizing a website from a design and development perspective is called On Page SEO. Keywords are effective tools for search engines crawlers to index webpages. Keyword Prominence is one of the important factors in On Page SEO practices.

Keywords get you located...

SEO keywords or keyword phrases in web content are beacons for users to find you and your site over the web. A well composed website speaks a similar language as that of search engines. Webmasters and SEO experts need to understand various search styles as there may be a plethora of other pages where a user can land and miss your page completely. Jotting down a list of keywords is a positive step towards an SEO initiative. Reaching out to your target audience and identifying high traffic areas can boost traffic and increase sales.To be successful on the keyword front, SEO experts need to get a mix of Keyword Phrases: the exact keywords to be targeted, Keyword Variants: A few variations that can create waves in search engines, and some related words that are search engine friendly.

Know your keyword jargons...

Keyword Density

Keywords are important, but their numbers contained in the webpage is important as well. That refers to keyword density, it is the ratio of keywords to total indexable words in a webpage. The density generally does not have a hard and fast number, it could vary by area or rankings. The ideal recipe would be to keep it natural in your content and not make it look fake.

Keyword Prominence

Keywords that stand out are called prominent keywords, keyword prominence determines how important your keywords are in a web page and their placement. These magical phrases are mandatory in page titles, heading tags H1, H2 and H3, and meta descriptions. Keywords can also be added for image tagging.

Keyword Proximity

Keyword proximity refers to keywords that are positioned close to each other. The closer keywords are to each other, the better the proximity. For example, the phrase “Dentist in Delhi”, the proximity between the word “Dentist” and “Delhi” is one word and for a sentence such as this “Best dentist that are found in Delhi”, the proximity between the word “Dentist” and “Delhi” would be four words.

Internal Links

Internal links are useful tools to establish a strong base to move from one page of a domain to another page of the same domain. Search engine bots or crawlers need to access link structures, and thus a legitimate link structure is required to build an SEO friendly architecture. For example, if there are 4 pages, A, B, X, Y, if a crawler can see internal links to pages A and X, they will be indexed, but if it cannot see pages B & Y, the spider has no way to reach them, and thus, for a search engine these pages do not exist.

More Facet’s to On-Page SEO

For a site to perform well with search engine rankings, it needs to have a bit more than just keyword targeting and internal links. A webpage needs to deliver true value to its users, rather than being just a selling proposition. Content on each webpage needs to be completely unique with exceptional explanation in terms of text, images or any other multimedia component.

Another important aspect would be a superfluous user experience(UX). Users do not like websites that are not friendly enough for them to understand, thus it needs to provide clear and easy navigation through all the pages, with good aesthetics, browser & device responsive. Response times for a website should be less than 4 seconds.

A site that is optimized for social media can put in a few extra marks as it shows credibility and builds backlinks to that site. Providing social icons on a webpage can help enterprises and individuals tell users something more about their brand or business.

Last but not the least, it needs to be there on every platform or device (Device Friendly). If a site is unable in a popular search engine, then it may miss out an opportunity to be viewed by users and rank low in search engines as well. It needs to fit perfectly (responsive design) on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, etc.

Go on... with On Page SEO

Enterprises need to practice On Page SEO tactics to boost their site traffic, as well as garner greater credibility for it. SEO experts know the importance of this technique, and if properly done, it could garner exceptional results.

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