Link Building & Ranking in Search Engines

Link building & ranking in search engines

Links were the prime "Off-the-page" ranking factor used by search engines. Google was although not the first search engine to calculate links as "votes," but it was the first search engine to depend hugely on link analysis as a means to enhance relevancy.

In spite of all the blather around other ranking factors, links, in company with content continue to be the most crucial outside factor for Google’s search rankings. But as you will see, few links are more useful than others.

Link quality

It significantly states that the more quality backlinks, the higher rank. It is as simple as– the more links you are getting into your site simply suggests that more people are referring you for something you are excellent at. And that ‘something you are excellent at’ is what they place in as the anchor text – but that is an overall a different topic altogether.

Search engines count all the links indicating at websites (except those blocked using no follow or other means), but do not count them all equally. They offer more weightage to the links that are regarded to be of higher quality.

So, what is a quality link? It is one of those "you will find it when you see it" kinds of elements in many cases. But a link from any renowned, big website is going to be better on the quality grade than a link you may obtain from commenting on a blog. Furthermore, links you get from those in your "community," sites that are ideally suitable to your site, may also count more.

Links are not that easy to get – just as people’s referrals are not simple to get, unless, may be you pay them. This is one reason why Google used the link factor – because people will only link to you if they realize value in what you have to provide them.

Number of Links

It is an ideal way by which Google can find how beneficial your site is to other people. And the fact of the matter is, even if you have valuable content in abundance, if people do not link to you, the search engines won’t regard your website as valuable. Why?

Because search engines are robot machines, they are visually impaired about how useful your site is. They can only know through links.

In short: More links -> more value -> higher Rank -> satisfied Webmaster

Link Anchor Text

The clickable text section of a link is the Anchor text. Google utilizes anchor text as a ranking factor, as it turns out. Like for instance, let’s assume you get a link to your website with anchor text: "assorted liquors".

Google finds that anchor text and says: "Hmmm. This site used the anchor text: "assorted liquors". It means that the page they are linking to should be about "assorted liquors."

Certainly, like anything else in SEO, keyword-rich anchor text has also been exploited. In present times, creating plentiful of exact-match anchor text links is regarded spammy.

Most often you cannot monitor the words individuals use to link to you, so stake on your chances to induce anchor text, within reason.

In short, if you DO get a link with your keyword in the anchor text, it is time to solemnize.

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