Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords: Why Are They Important?

In today’s world of increasing competition and global reach, conducting business without an online presence is as good as bread without butter. And to ensure consistency in online branding, you’re probably investing a huge amount on SEO.

Talking about SEO, we first think of “keywords”, well, that’s the very basic element of any SEO strategy. You plan a proper SEO process and optimize your site rank. And like most of your competitors and other industry players, you are obviously keener on working with short-length keywords with the hope of increasing site traffic, and get more sales.

Contrary to the above premise, the truth, however, stands different. Where short-length keywords give more traffic, the longer ones yield productive results and convert maximum leads into customers. Proportionally, you stay ahead with long tails of keywords.

But, before we get into further details, what is a long tail keyword? Such KWs comprise of three to four and sometimes even more keyword phrases that exactly pinpoint to your products and services. These are more accurate to the long search phrases entered by your visitors and niche down your products basis their specific requirements. Using long tail keywords, you attract only those, whose needs perfectly match with your product range. Thus, your chances of selling your brand to those specific consumers increase by a greater extent.

Besides hitting on specific consumers, you benefit from using long tail keywords in the following ways:

Convert Maximum Leads

When a visitor enters long search phrases, it is obvious that he or she is looking for a more specific product. And if that niche search matches your product range, it is again obvious that the visitor will now become a potential target. Broad-length also means that the consumer has done proper research, knows what he or she wants, and is now just looking for options. So, here you need not convince your consumer or arise a need, since it’s already there. Just show your site when the consumer has typed a longer search phrase. And if you secure a good position in the search engine results page (SERPs), you are more likely to grab your would-be customer.

You Face Less Competition

Today, more number of companies is focusing on playing with short-length keywords. They want to frequently display their site in the search engine and prefer to work with diverse keyword range. This creates a competitive environment. With short keywords, SEO professionals need to be consistent with their efforts and even after putting their best, they achieve only a little.

On the contrary, there’s hardly any competition in the long tail keyword sector. A visitor enters some long keyword phrases and you are there with your product. Thus, with little efforts, you get the maximum customers. In short, you enjoy the best fruits, without much hassle.

SEO Becomes a Natural Process

A significant part of SEO is creating and sharing credible content. To address the increasing competition in the digital space, most companies simply force-fit the keywords within their web content and make it more artificial. As a result, content becomes more sales-oriented push, rather than informative. Gradually, with those forcefully fitted keyword, sites lose its ranks; and SEO gets them nowhere.

Using long tail keywords, you not only play in a lesser competitive zone, but also develop natural SEO process. In fact, fitting long phrases within a content space is way easier than sacrificing the content value for the sake of just one or two keywords. As you use long-length keywords, you automatically improve your site performance and Google by default places you in higher ranks. Thus, you gain higher rankings in the SERPs, once again increase your visibility and respond to the most appropriate searches according to your product profile.

More Cost-Efficient

Long tail keywords are cost efficient in two ways. In the first place, even if you invest a little amount, you optimize your earning as you get the best results. Compared to shorter length of keywords where businesses strive hard to maintain ranks; you easily keep up your performance and gradually improve it, with time. Thus, it is more effective and you get good value against spending.

Secondly, you can work with your long-length keywords and use them in your PPC campaigns. A majority of businesses hardly think of doing this. When you are running a PPC campaign, you are getting those who fit your product range, and if you can get the best of the best if you use the long keyword phrases in your PPCs. In this way, even if 1 visitor come to your site, that person is bound to purchase your product or service; which means, you pay for getting that lead and successfully land into sales.

You Connect Better with Audience

Gone are the days when people were absolutely clueless about their needs and just bought what convinced them. The Gen X consumers are way smarter than most marketers think them to be. They prefer to do complete research, asses their needs, and look for the best solution. This makes them informed buyers and not sales pitch-influenced customers.

As you implement long tail keywords, you exactly propose what your visitors need. This saves time, and effort from both ends. As a result, you end up creating good impression about your brand and developing positive relationship with your consumers. People not just like your product, but also love the way you connected with them, in just one go. Therefore, the long phrases actually take you closer to your target audience.

Overall, Mind-blowing SEO Results

In the end, it’s all about improvement and productivity. With long tail SEO, you improve your site ranks across all search engines. Audience consider you more credible and reliable; thus you stay way ahead than most of your competitors. You also connect better with your leads and make SEO natural as well as cost-efficient. And all these benefits together highlight the significance of incorporating those long phases of keywords.

So, choose the best long tail keywords that go best with your business, use them in your content, and achieve the best.

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