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Off-Page SEO & Best Techniques

What is Off-Page SEO?

With a good, user-friendly website and an active social media presence, you are probably conducting regular SEO activities. But, are you making the most of your SEO procedure? Are you doing anything beyond your website to improve its rank?

Most companies don’t. To them, SEO is all about on-site activities like page titles; Meta tags descriptions, internal linking, etc. And if you also carry a similar perception, you are partially wrong. Of course such ways of SEO, which we refer to as On-page optimization is a direct method of boosting your website rank in the popular search engine results pages (SERPs). However, there’s another way around. And implementing the indirect technique, you can achieve better results and increase your ranks, at a steady pace. But, what is the indirect way of optimizing your website rank?

Off-Page SEO. It means utilising the social networking sites, submitting content in online article sites, marketing blogs and developing online forums. Although you don’t perform these activities directly on your website, yet you sync your online asset and get a higher rank in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other SERPs.

15 Best Off-Page SEO Techniques

Here are the best Off-Page techniques which are sure to enhance your rankings and yield productive results.

  1. Article Submission

    You write excellent articles with proper grammar and quality sentences and submit them on online submission sites like,, etc. There are also PR article submission sites like,,, and many others. As you give the best quality write-ups, you get maximum traffic to your site. The article and PR content need not be specific to your brand. You can choose to write on any category.

  2. Directory Submission

    It works similar to the heavy-book phone directories we saw in our childhood. There are various online directories or databases comprising of categories and sub-categories of businesses. Based on your business sector, you can list your site in these directories and fetch online traffic to your digital asset. Although it’s a slow process, yet you get good results, with time.

  3. Search Engine Submission

    Submit your sites in the popular search engines namely Google, Yahoo, Bing; and based on your content relevancy and credibility, they automatically find you and place your site, at a higher rank. While submitting sites in the search engines, ensure that it’s responsive (fits to any screen size for better viewing), has good navigation features (sitemap), and contains specific content addressing diverse TGs. Fulfilling all these parameters, you can boost your online presence and get at the top.

  4. Local Listings

    If you wish to play in the local or regional sector and somehow don’t prefer going global, opting for local listings is a better option. Where in the directories, you place your sites along with other global websites, which means you have more competition; the local listings only expose your sites to a localised geographical area. There’s less competition, and proportionally you can get maximum leads for your business. Submit your sites on Yellow Pages, Yahoo Local, Maps, Google Local, etc.

  5. Answering Questions

    Yahoo presents an excellent opportunity where you can answer questions that are specific to your niche and gain credibility, as an expert on that niche. While giving good quality and relevant answers, you can also place your website link and people will automatically drop into your home page. Always look for ways to present product or service page links, so that your readers can know the solution and immediately find a suitable product, basis their needs.

  6. Business Reviews

    There are business reviews sites-,, Stylefeeder, Kaboodle, and many more. Here, you can write reviews about other businesses. Get your friends to post reviews about your business as well. These business review networks have good credibility and enable you to enhance online branding.

  7. E-commerce Network

    It works best for the e-commerce websites. You can submit your products in online shopping networks like Google Product Search, MSN Online Shopping, Yahoo Online Shopping, Kaboodle, etc. Doing so, you shall get fetch good traffic to your website and increase the chances of selling your stuff to the world.

  8. Sharing Photos

    Not just your products or web content, you can also bring more leads through your product pictures. Just like article and directory submission sites, there are photo sharing sites like,, Picasa, etc. Placing good pictures along with the respective site links can also bring good amount of traffic to your sites.

  9. Marketing Videos

    We all know the term called “YouTube”. Besides photos, you can also post videos. In fact, videos are the best ways to highlight your business achievements and promote your brand in the online platform. Besides YouTube, you can also post videos on Vimeo- another popular video marketing forum.

  10. Social Bookmarking

    Another excellent way of boosting your ranks is through social bookmarking. Here, you submit your latest blog pages and post on online bookmarking sites like,, and many others. The bookmarking sites are extremely search engine-friendly. Based on the quality and standard of your content; Google, Yahoo, and Bing ranks your site in its engines. However, while submitting content on these sites, ensure that you have used the tags, in the right ways. Only then, the sites and the search engines will broadcast your news and expand your online network.

  11. Link Building

    Having a really good blog content will arouse interest in other website owners and they will be more likely to share your content in their sites along with the links. In this manner, the sites will increase quality of content and enhance their credibility. And placing your links on theirs will of course bring potential targets into your website. Link building is an excellent strategy to maximise website leads. If done correctly, you can make the most of this Off-Page SEO technique.

  12. Blogging

    With all the above discussions on sharing blog content, by now you have become familiar with the significance of creating blogs and using them for SEO. No need to mention again that relevant blog content will hit your specific targets. Besides this, it will allow search engines like Google bots to crawl your site and place it higher in the results page.

    A clever way of blogging is to write on topics that suits your business. Be very niche and deeply talk about the subject. While fine-tuning the blog, include images and info graphics that will make it more interesting and readable.

  13. Marketing Blogs

    Besides creating own blogs, you can also post comments on other blogs of your competitors or of same business domains. While presenting your views, smartly place your link. Search engine crawlers look for such link placements and if they find yours in other blog posts and you have done it correctly, the ball is in your court. Increasing your website rank then becomes inevitable. Such a way of blogging is called “Do-Follow” blogs.

  14. Promoting Forums

    Like the “Do-Follow” blogs, there are “Do-Follow” forums. You look for online forums that match your business category and become an active member of the online community. You answer questions, reply to threads, and offer suitable suggestions, often how-to guides to the solution seekers. The more active you are in these forums, search engine crawlers are more likely to identify you as a credible site and automatically give a higher rank in the result pages.

  15. Social Networking Sites

    Lastly and most significantly, use your social networking sites to develop content, and engage your audience through effective communication. From sharing your company achievements to running social media campaigns, post everything in all social media accounts and maintain consistent communication across all platforms. Syncing social media posts with your website will increase your traffic, by a larger number. People will drop into your sites and you can get more than expected number of leads for your business.

    Well, that was all about the various indirect ways of implementing SEO to get a higher search engine rank for your site. Now that you are aware about the more tricky and tactical methods, why wait further? Hire a good SEO team, get them on board, and brainstorm Off-Page SEO ideas. Good Luck!!

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