Personalization & Search Engine Rankings

Personalization & search engine rankings


Personalization has been a part of Google’s search results for years, but the search results now are not the same as earlier, not on Google, not on Bing. It has turned more crucial now and will be in coming years. Today, not even two users have the same or exact search results, regardless of their search engines. You even obtain different search results, even while browsing in a private window.

This is obvious that Google is a powerhouse for data analytics, mining, marketing and optimization. Personalization happens when the user is signed in. Some marketers are unable to identify that it is also a part of covert searches.

It is the search query results relative to some specific details gathered from the user. This can be geographic location, an IP address, past searches, type of device etc. When a search engine user signs in to Google, Google takes much of the user’s past activity into account when showing results. Even operating with different browsers can have different search engine results.

Some of the personalization factors that play a key role when trying out experience differences in our search results are given below:

Based on Country:

This is one of the main factors to impact your search rankings. Here, search results are shown relied on suitability to the country to which you belong or stay in.

For example, if someone searches for 'football' in India and the same keyword in UK, then there will be a fine-drawn difference between the two search results.


Search engines would not just finish displaying results only to the country level. As a matter of fact, they can even alter results based on your locality. Therefore, your search results can match as relevant to your city or your zonal area location.

Personal History

Search results and rankings are significantly affected depending on your personal history. Details like which sites you regularly visit, how much time you spend on a particular site, which sites you have 'liked' and whatever sites you have shared on your other social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc matters a lot.

Social Connections

Not very prominent at the moment, but this is an emerging signal that impacts your search results.

What it means is that, your search results are impacted as depending on your social connections, like what sites your friends like the most or what your followers think about a site.

This action strengthens your site as one that they must be displayed more often to that user. Even more so, if a user begins a social move, such as a like, comment, Tweet, follow or +1 or that signalize a higher inclination for your brand or site. There are still various factors that impacts search results depending on your personalization.

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