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Website Navigation- How Does it Even Matter?

You have an excellent website with the latest web design features, dynamic modules, and user-friendly technology. But, what if your users can’t use your site to derive their needs? Does it make sense to develop a digital asset for connecting your audience? In one word, no. Then, what are you lacking?

The roadmap to your online property. Just like geographical maps that take you through the right ways and you reach your destination, without much hassle; your website needs to have a similar map that will take your visitors on a wonderful tour and make a good experience of their site journey. Now comes the question- How will do create a website map?

The answer is simple. Navigation. Your website navigation is responsible for its high usability and easy-to-access features. Better navigation features make a memorable tour of your site and even if people don’t buy your product, they remember the site journey. Thus, in some way or the other, you still occupy some share of mind in your target consumers. Now comes another question- How shall you even create good navigation?

Although there’s no fixed answer to this question, yet you can consider few factors for developing a proper map for your website. These are:

  • Your Business- Are you a B2B, or B2C or both? Look into your business profile and ensure that your navigation menus are adequate to address your respective TGs and contain the key heads of the content.
  • Your Aims and Objectives- What you wish to communicate must feature in the navigation bar. And clicking on the navigation tab, your visitor must get the expected information, which you had communicated in the tab. Thus, your website navigation must be well sorted out and clearly talk about your content goals.
  • Your Audience- Your website should be such that even a blind man can go to the right page without much hassle. The entire site, especially the home page should be clutter-free and contain significant links, appealing to the interest of your probable visitors.

Navigation: Best Practices

While the above factors will enable you to come up with an easy-to-navigate website; you can consider the following navigation suggestions that are widely practiced across industries.

Navigation through Menu

Depending on the amount of content, you can go for menu bars. Having said, it’s better to avoid drop-down menus, as much as possible. Well, who spends time in visiting your company profile, mission and vision, company board and etc? A clever approach would be to bring all these content in just one web page and display your company, in the best possible way.

Dropping into any of your web page, a normal visitor’s eye usually spans left-to-right first and then top-to-bottom. It is also a general habit to read the left side of the web page, in a vertical manner. Thus, it’s an F pattern. Although it’s not mandatory that you “must implement” the F content structure, at least ensure that your content layout along with the navigation bars is appealing and easy-to-eye.


Derived from the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel; breadcrumbs in your site account for best user experience. In whichever page your visitors might be, they can track their website journey and go to any page from any other page. Breadcrumb navigations are more organized and well thought-out. It helps the audience to browse the site, with complete independence and enjoy the journey.

3-Second Rule

Research states that on an average, a visitor scans your web page in just 3seconds of time. And if you have managed to create a positive impression within the first three seconds of site visit, you have made it. Else, your audience is gone, perhaps forever.

To make the most of the few seconds and hit your audience, you can use white space and bold text in your content. Make it short, crisp, to-the-point. No one comes to your site to read history; actually, no one’s interested in it.

Never fill your web page with full of text; that’s a blunder. Instead, use interesting icons, professional graphics and present content in readable fonts. Overall, your aim should be to arrest the attention of your visitor and hold the person, until he or she makes the mind to go for your brand.

Website Content

And of course, content matters. Make sure that your content specifically addresses the interests and desires of your targets and serves a perfect solution. While writing content, classify them with headings and sub-heads. Bullet content works magic. Write everything in brief and communicate maximum with minimum wordings.

Importance of Good Website Navigation

And after you’ve planned a good navigation system for your online property, here are the fruitful benefits:

High Conversion Rate

Your website speaks about your credibility. Its content along with navigation features talk about your productivity. Websites with good navigation quickly converts leads into customers. For them, the lead-to-sale process happens in a short span of time. Remember, when people drop into your site, it means they have already shortlisted you as a preferred brand, and are just re-ensuring decisions before they take a final call. This means that they are already attracted to your products, still wants the last-minute check. So, if you define a good navigation system in your site, your work is done and you have made a sale.

Strong Call-to-Action

Since content forms a significant part of website navigation; short and crisp content creates a strong and effective call-to-action for the visitors. The best call-to-action stimulates immediate response and gives a “now or never” feeling to the visitor. It urges them to initiate an action, in no time.

Better Connectivity

And when you can sway your visitors with the most appropriate content and an excellent navigation, they are more likely to connect better with your brand and say yes to a long-term relationship. Well-planned and organized navigations allow you to engage your audience and offer a complete experience of your website. It completes the entire online journey of your brand and enhances the website experience of users.

In a nutshell, a good navigation helps you to achieve your business goals in the online platform and expand your operations. It takes your business to its zenith.

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