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How SOH (SITE OPTIMIZED FOR HUMANS) TECHNIQUE will Help You Generate Maximum Leads

SOH is not a new technique, but only followed by top SEO companies. Learn what you will miss when you only go for SEO
A Comparison

A technique that wins over competition; always.

Site Ranking on SERPs (Google Pages)YesYes
Stable PositionNoYes
Easily loosing position to competitorsYesNo
Effective Landing PagesNoYes
Lead GenerationNo GuaranteeGuaranteed Results
Maximum Funds are Invested on SiteNoYes
Social Media OptimizationNoYes
Win Over Every Google UpdateNot SureAlways
Win Over Google RankBrain AlgorithmNot SureAlways
Site Speed is OptimizedNot SureAlways

Learn about what we have achieved till now with SOH Technique:

  • We have made Dwarka competitive for Dentists. Only our clients are there on the first page of Google.
  • Same thing, we did for Cryolipolysis & Laser Hair Removal Industry in Delhi.
  • We were the first one in the Char Dham Tourism Industry (in 2012) to purchase a kind of domain which was then followed by many other players in the same industry after 2 years.
  • Most of the pages our team optimized using SOH technique, are ranked on top 5 of Google Pages.
  • All pages optimized by us, act as landing pages.
  • Landing Pages designed by us achieve good engagement which results in better lead generation.
  • We created the policy: we do not accept more than 3 clients of the same industry in the same zone.
  • Achieved site speed of less than 4 seconds by working on latest scripts & CSS.
  • Websites designed by us are among a few of the best websites you will find online for the same industry, in terms of design, loading time & responsiveness.
  • We have achieved 95% of customer retention.
A Must

What you must get in your SEO Package (which is already included in SOH technique):

Your website must share

Your page must lead the industry or it will fail to achieve the top 5 position.

Every page optimized, must be created as the landing page

Landing pages must be created to generate leads. Ranking alone can not generate leads.

Call to action

Call to action buttons are a must. Call to action (CTA) is an instruction to the audience designed to provoke an immediate response, usually using an imperative verb such as "call now", "find out more" or "visit a store today". This increases lead generation by 70%.

Keywords research

Proper keywords research is important. SEO experts must guide you during the selection of the keywords for your business, which will attract relevant traffic to the site. This relevant traffic is going to generate leads for your business.

Lead generation

Lead generation should be the main focus of the whole SEO exercise. SOH focus on overall user experience & always looks for ways to enhance it. Better experience means better engagement which results into lead generation.

Social Media Optimization

Complete absence from Social Media is a big mistake for any brand. We have designed a package in a way that will give you a proper exposure in Social Media Platforms as well.

SOH technique has the answer to your questions like:


Why it happens that, the website just below your site suddenly gains position over yours?


Why my site is not generating enough leads, even after gaining the better position on search engine?


SOH technique also has the answer about why your PPC is not giving you the desired results?

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