MISCA is a Website Designing & Development company in Delhi. Since 2008, we are serving doctors, brands, hospitality industry, service providers, professionals and more, with our Web development services in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Ghaziabad



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“Website Development is no doubt a very serious business”

Website is an extension to your business and represents your business on the web. People looking for services or goods of their interest land to your website and from here an interesting relationship starts building up. If that anonymous visitor or prospective client finds your site attractive or useful, he/she will contact you and if not, he/she will switch to another site.

We as a web developer always listen to our clients, their thoughts, their inspiration, their ambition, their likes, their dislikes, what they want to achieve and what they think about web.

Then we focus on the product or services our client is offering to the world, how it is different, who are our competitors and so on. These insights help us in creating a concept unique to the business in focus. After all this, the outcome is a development of stunning, practical and easy to navigate and understand website, which always delivers what it is developed for… and that is GENERATING BUSINESS.

Doing business is very much different in Metropolitan cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai etc. then in other cities of India and so is the website development and designing in Metro cities like Delhi.

All about Website Designing and Development


“We try to present what the viewer came to our website for”

Website Designing and Development is all about presentation. We always try to present what the viewer is coming to our site for and strictly stick to our subject, which is our service we provide or the goods we are selling.

Delhi people have a tendency of switching to sites very quickly if they do not get the right information about the product or service they are looking for and that’s why first 30 seconds of a particular user on any website is very crucial.

As a website designing and development company in Delhi we always keep this thing in mind which makes us one of the best in Industry. We focus on the subject and try to keep it easily reachable for the viewer and search engines as well.

About Website Development and Designing Platforms available in Delhi/India

Dynamic Website Vs Static Website Development

Whether you choose to get development of a Dynamic Website or Static Website for yourself, actually it does not matter in any sense. Here we are talking about search engines, maintenance etc. If website development is done in a right way by website developers, both the sites will give you the same results.

The only difference between Dynamic Website and Static Website is that in Static Website you can’t make the changes like adding or deleting the content, pages, images etc. by yourself. You have to rely on your website development company for even a small change until and unless you know some HTML coding where as Dynamic Sites comes withan admin. Admin is designed in a way so that you can make changes to an extent to your site by yourself. Generally in Dynamic Sites one can add or delete content, images and pages.

Dynamic website development demands much more experience and involves two to three persons in development process.


  • HTML Designer, designs the layout and pages
  • Programmer designs the admin part or control panel to give you the access of the site from where you can easily make changes
  • Database Expert: in small companies, database is managed by the programmer but in large web development firms and companies in Delhi a separate database expert manages the database

Difference between Dynamic Websites and Static Websites

  • Dynamic sites are costlier than static sites
  • Recurring cost of Dynamic sites is always more as it involves database too and maintenance is also costlier in comparison to static sites
  • You can make frequent changes to your dynamic site without knowledge of any coding
  • Dynamic Site is suitable for Good no. of pages: If you want to add good no. of pages and you have command over your subject then one should go for dynamic site only or you have to pay for each and every page you are getting designed by your web designer

Website Development in ASP.NET

In case you want dynamic site or ecommerce site and want your site to be secure than you must go for ASP.NET website development. ASP.NET was previously ASP. Normally ASP.NET sites require database and as two set of pages are designed simultaneously, one page delivers the content to user and other page execute the command given by the user, the site becomes very secure.

Web development in ASP.NET is expensive than web development in PHP as it is a product of Microsoft and comes with a good price.

Website Development in PHP

Website Development in PHP is ideal for the clients who do not want to spend more on development and also do not want to pay heavy recurring cost. PHP language is a free language due to which web development companies do not have to purchase the product and only need good programmer to make good programming web pages. Almost every kind of programming can be done on PHP and any kind of site can be designed on PHP.

PHP is also Safe

In case you prefer PHP for low cost but still want to make your site safe, there is a solution. There is a free platform available to design on PHP which guarantees the safety of the site. Like ASP.NET some platforms also uses two set of pages which makes the PHP safe too.

There is no bigger example on earth than a FACEBOOK. Facebook is designed on PHP and is very safe online.

Website Development in HTML

This is the most simple yet a very popular language to design a website among website developer and development companies. Website development started with HTML language and any developer who want to go for the development course need to know the HTML language.

HTML site is best when you need simple and small website with minimum maintenance and low recurring cost. HTML website requires no database to run pages and need simple hosting plan. So, HTML website development is the cheapest one. HTML website can be hosted on both Linux as well as on Windows Server.

HTML pages are search engine friendly and 70% of sites are designed using this language in the world.

Designing/Development of Responsive Websites

With the popularity of Smart Mobiles, Tablets and different devices of various screen sizes, demand of Responsive sites increases. It helps viewers to easily view the site and navigate to important sections of the site in a mobile friendly way.

Flash Website Development

Flash was introduced by Adobe. Flash was earlier introduced to give a viewer an amazing experience on websites with the help of dynamic flash banners. Flash was very helpful to display no. of text in a small portion or in other words when web designer need to give more than one message on a single section of the site, flash is being used. Introduction of flash brought a big change in how websites were being designed. It gave life to dead pages and put life to dead sections of the pages and more over was the best tool to pull the attention of the viewer.

Later on Flash was widely used for designing stunning websites. Many website companies made a website builder based on flash where user can design/develop really good looking websites without knowledge of any coding.


Flash websites were never search engine friendly and hence become less popular.

Website Designing on JOOMLA or MOGENTO

Joomla or Magento is a free platform designed by few excellent programmers. Joomla/Mogento comes with set of control panel, e commerce ready pages, dynamic menu, contact forms and much more. With the help of Joomla/Mogento platform one can get the big websites designed in few days which could otherwise take month or two to develop. Excellent e commerce sites can be designed using Joomla or Mogento. These both platforms are very popular worldwide due to the ease and flawless functionality of modules working inside.

In case you want your website to be developed using  Joomla or Mogento in Delhi, You can rely on us.


  • Both Joomla or Mogento are free tools provided by major hosting companies like Godaddy, Host Gator, Mocha Host and many others
  • Free website templates are available online
  • Free database MYSQL can be used
  • Flawless performance of pages
  • Easy to built
  • Lengthy sites can be designed in minutes
  • E Commerce ready
  • Free Shopping cart inbuilt

To design a website on Joomla or Mogento the programmer must have enough experience so that he/she can take care of each and every module; in fact some programmers are specifically trained to handle websites to be designed on Joomla or Mogento. To be a good programmer for Joomla or Mogento one must have experience of at least 3 years.

Website Development on WordPress

WordPress is the most popular platform available on web to design websites. Even a non programmer with simple understanding can design a simple and appealing websites.  Approx. 20% that is 1/5th of total sites being visited on the internet use WordPress as there platform.


  • Able to develop a website in a day
  • Ready and free website templates or designs
  • Simple hosting and free MS Sql is used as database
  • Secure: After the WordPress sites were reportedly hacked in 2010, developers make it more secure
  • Dynamic Sites can be designed using less resources hence save cost

Like Joomla or Mogento, programmer for WordPress too must have good expertise and experience to handle each and every module.

Ecommerce Website Development

We have required expertise and experience to develop an Ecommerce Website so, if you are looking for an ecommerce website development company in Delhi than MISCA is the right choice. We have an expertise to make any ecommerce website a popular one.

Development of ecommerce website includes understanding of the product, it’s details and USP of the product. In case client wants to make site like SNAPDEAL where he/she can sell anything then the development company has to treat the ecommerce site like a portal and need to design a much elaborated admin/control panel to make the uploading of products easy.

As far as hosting is concerned, one should go for good hosting plan. If you are ready to invest then one must go for VPS Servers (Virtual Private Servers) if not want to go for Dedicated Servers. In case you want to test the things and want to go slow then shared hosting with good hosting company like GODADDY or HOSTGATOR can do the job and as soon as you feelt you are getting enough traffic you can switch to VPS Servers or Dedicated Servers.

Ecommerce website includes

  • Admin/Control panel
  • Gallery Page
  • Product Page
  • Cart
  • Payment Gateway
  • Review Page, where user could leave his/her reviews about the product
  • My Account section for user
  • Terms and Condition Section
  • Privacy Policy is must for Ecommerce sites

Payment Gateway for Ecommerce Site

In India rapidly changing behavior of consumers is forcing manufacturers and retailers go online. More and more consumers are going for online purchase. Popularity of Ecommerce has brought many players to offer Payment Gateway in India.

Most of the payment gateway providers are providing the basic package for free that means you can get one of the best payment gateways for your ecommerce sites for free.

With the help of payment gateway you can accept:

  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards
  • Net Banking

Popular Payment Gateways in India

  • CC Avenue is on top of list as it is one of the oldest one in India. Many popular sites are using CC Avenue like Godaddy, Bigrock and many more.
  • Pay u Money is a new entrant but captured the market very quickly as the setup is very easy
  • Razorpay
  • Citrus Pay
  • PayPal
  • EBS
  • Direcpay (introduced by Times Group)

"Enjoy accepting cash online"


Good hosting surely makes a difference. Well designed sites hosted on good servers earn a good reputation among search engines

Hosting after Website Development

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Now, still we hear a question…  What is hosting?

After development of a website you have to put it somewhere to make it accessible to the world and here comes the role of a good hosting company. Normally, website Development Company offers the hosting services in a package and clients do not have to worry about, but still you can read further to have some basic knowledge about the hosting.

In simple words, it is a space on server (Computer with terabytes of space) which remain connected to the internet and where we keep our files (our website) to make our site accessible to the world 24 X 7 X 365.

You can go for Windows based hosting or Linux based hosting. Linux hosting is comparatively cheaper than the windows hosting.

There are some parameters by which you can rate or select the hosting company for your website:

  • Speed
  • Uptime (some hosting companies claims 99.9% uptime and it is possible with only good hosting companies)
  • Database Space
  • Space provided for our website
  • No. of Domains we can host
  • After sales service

 There are hosting companies charging as low as Rs. 500 annually for hosting a single domain but you can never be sure about these kind of servers, as these hosting companies may be resellers and can’t either provide good after sales or even can’t provide reliable hosting.

Good hosting means your site is up every time. There are really good reputed companies working in India which can provide you with reliable services like:

  • Godaddy
  • Bigrock
  • Host Gator
  • Mocha Host
  • Rediff
  • Yahoo

There are three types of hosting available both in Windows and Linux:

Shared Hosting: Shared hosting is the cheapest one and is best when you want to host a small website with limited traffic. Shared hosting provided by above mentioned hosting companies can do the excellent job in case of small sites. In shared hosting the resources like space, RAM etc. are being shared among lot of users.

A static website of even 200 pages can also be hosted on shared hosting only if the traffic is below 20000 hits in a month. In case your site is dynamic, you can continue with shared hosting till your traffic reaches to 10000 hits in a month, after that you must consider switching to VPS servers.

VPS Hosting: Virtual Private Servers (VPS) work like dedicated servers and are also known as Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS). VPS/VDS  is a virtual server that appears to the user as a dedicated server but is actually installed on a computer shared by multiple Web site owners using the limited resources of that shared server which is being allocated to them.

Dedicated Hosting: When a complete server is dedicated to host your site, it is known as dedicated hosting and is the most expensive hosting. It is used to host websites getting thousands of hits on daily basis.

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